This Jimmy Kimmel sketch shows how absurd the gay wedding cake drama truly is.

To bake or not to broil? That was the question posed by a same-gender marriage patty contingency in California.

Last year, Cathy Miller, the owner of Tastries Bakery in Bakersfield, refused to broil a wed patty for a lesbian couple. The duo, wanting to be treated as human beings and all, made publish with that. They made Miller to law .

On Feb. 6, 2018, nonetheless, Kern County Supreme Court Judge David Lampe regulated on a initial injunction that because the couple’s proposed cake has not already been roasted, Miller’s imaginative look was protected by the First Amendment.

That is :< strong> Her Christian faith kept her from having to roast a cake for the purposes of an LGBTQ couple. Had the patty already been prepared and on display to the public, the judge memorandum, Miller would have had to sell them the cake.

Makes impression, right? Not to Jimmy Kimmel.

Despite acknowledging the judge’s ruling “sounded tolerable at first, ” the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host hilariously bombed Lampe’s decision using an regular dining know-how to conclude his occasion.

Check out the cartoon( legend sustains below ):

In the representation, Kimmel, representing a server, rules out menu pieces for patrons at his table based on the various the positions of those preparing the food.

“Does anyone have any food reactions? Any dietary limiteds? ” Kimmel expects, as the patrons shake their fronts. “Are any of you gay? “

“I’m gay, ” one girl reacts.

“OK. You won’t be experiencing any of our signature salads tonight, ” Kimmel says, to laughs. “Our salad chef today is Tony, and he believes homosexuality is a sin, so he won’t be creating any of our salads for you.”

From a law perspective, there’s an important difference between plainly selling a cake to the general public and creating one for a specific marry happen, the judge argued.

But isn’t that a gloomy preeminence? What’s stopping Tony from deeming his salad a work of art convey his support for a lesbian guest at the restaurants sector?

If Tony’s salad had been pre-made, nonetheless, that’d apparently suffice .

“I don’t miss day-old salad, ” the guest protests.

To which Kimmel rejoinders, “Well, aren’t you a picky lesbian.”

That’s not the end of it, though. A Jewish patron is disavowed lasagna because the concoct devising it is antisemitic. Another patron can’t ordering steak because a chef is Hindu.

When a gentleman prescribes a salad, intending to give it to the lesbian pair and bypas the discriminatory govern, Kimmel’s character slams him down. “Our owner Patricia is a Wiccan priestess, ” he shows, “and she won’t allow men to succession for women. She says it continues the patriarchy.”

When can one person’s theological liberties veer off into blatant discrimination? As Kimmel’s sketch indicates, reasonably darn quickly.

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