Rising star Moulton boasts big fundraising numbers

Washington( CNN) Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton developed$ 1 million at a single New York City fundraiser last week — a $50,000 -per-candidate boost for the 19 Democrat he has endorsed in House scoots.

Moulton’s first big-dollar phenomenon outside his home turf of Massachusetts is another benchmark of Moulton’s emergence as one of the most prolific fundraisers and bundlers among House Democrat outside of leadership grades. In New York, about 140 sponsors gave between $250 and $107,000 — including 50 with donations of more than $1,000 — to a seam fundraising radical that includes Moulton’s political action committee and the 19 Moulton-backed candidates.

His political team is now contriving more occasions in California, where he will introduce the candidates he is backing to his sponsor system and impound campaign training sessions, the aide said.