Surveillance footage captures moment Russian plane crashed, killing 71

A deadly plane accident in Russia Sunday that left 71 parties dead was captivated on surveillance footage which appeared to show the moment the An-1 48 disintegrated in a ball of fire just minutes after it took off.

From a distance, the security video proved the moment the plane threw into a plain roughly 25 miles out from Domodedovo Airport, where it had to take away from only moments before.

The Antonov An-1 48 regional aircraft evaporated from radar about 12 miles southeast of international airports, according to flight-tracking website Flightradar2 4. A aircraft can disappear from radar when it gets too close to the foot to reflect radar signals.

Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov confirmed that none of the 65 fares — ages 5 to 79 — or six crew members survived.


It was not immediately clear what induced the plane to hurtle, but weather conditions and captain fault were said to be among the probable intellects.

The crash left globs of wreckage strewn across a land outside Moscow. A “black box” flight recorder from the airliner was observed, although it was not immediately clear if “its been” the data or enunciate recorder.

Witnesses, according to Sky News, said they experienced a igniting airliner precipitating from the sky.

One woman who lived nearby supposedly said: “I detected a blast wave … the windows shook.”

Another witness told REN-TV that she “left the house, heard the plane, an detonation was discover and the sky altered red.”

Fox News’ Travis Fedschun and The Associated Press contributed to this report .

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