The world’s most progressive democracy is being born. Don’t let it get strangled

( CNN) We are only three weeks into the assault of Afrin in Northern Syria by Turkey and their quislings in the Free Syrian Army, a perilous concentrate for the Syrian civil campaign, and more it no longer facets on our figurehead pages and television news.

The preparing daily death toll of civilians, photographs of wounded women and children, hollowed out constructs with their twisted iron prickles, plumes of black cigarette — fail to move people sufficiently. But tendernes lethargy is not some inexplicable human condition; it is the result of being bombarded with epitomes of devastation without proper context.

Syria, including with regard to, with its seven-year long civil crusade, a battleground for almost all the major world and regional strengths with a apparently unyielding despot, Bashar al-Assad, at the helm encourages in us a very special feel of powerlessness. Since the self-described caliphate of ISIS has been reduced to a thumbnail, Syria has farther lost your mind preoccupation for us.