Chrissy Teigen Has 2 Words For Hater Who Insinuated She’s A Gold Digger

Given that cookbook generator Chrissy Teigen is a clapback monarch, it’s amazing Twitter users still try to egg her on.

On Sunday, the supermodel and “Lip Sync Battle” commentator drew the attention of a disgruntled Twitter user after she announced a lighthearted tweet. The tweet included four illustrates that registered her fix — and later dropping her part dinner on the floor.

One of Teigen’s partisans requested her “what shes done” with the food on the storey. She replied, “oh I gobble it I don’t care.”

Since the Cravings author regularly posts pictures of her cooking undertakings, the tweets weren’t truly anything out of the ordinary.

But they surely got the attention of one Twitter user who wrote, “All you do is dine, sleep, shit, and devote other people’s fund. My excellent partner, ” paired with a laughter look emoji.

Teigen cooked the subscribers with two simple oaths — and a photograph that said everything else for her.

“My money, ” she wrote, alongside a photo from a Forbes article about the world’s highest-paid prototypes of 2017. It lists her income for the year from June 2016 to June 2017 at $13.5 million.

The exchange is reminiscent of one of Teigen’s similarly savory Twitter burns. In July 2017, the simulate tweeted that she was finally locked by President Donald Trump on Twitter.

“After 9 years of detesting Donald J Trump, telling him’ lol no one likes you’ was the straw, ” she wrote. One user replied, telling her, “And that’s maybe best available event you’ll ever have happen to you. Congrats on peaking.”

Teigen, who eventually removed this tweet, responded by scheduling other great things in her life: “I have a better exchanging work, enormous tit, their own families I enjoy, am literally snacking pasta on a lake in Italy and I marriage rich.”