These Animated Color Graphs of Famous Paintings are Hypnotizing

January 13, 2018

Data is Beautiful is a fascinating subreddit described as: A plaza for visual representations of data: Graphs, shows, planneds, etc . A recent submission by reddit consumer anvaka included not just a brilliant visual but an elegantly written javascript code which he has made available on GitHub. To create color analysis graphs like these, anvaka wrote a script to do the following: Took color of each pixel in the likenes,…


How David Fincher Hijacks Your Eyes

October 20, 2017

David Fincher has directed some amazing movies( Fight Club, The Social Network, Gone Girl, Benjamin Button and Se7en to appoint a few) and there’s something about his camera advance that draws observers in. YouTube creator The Nerdwriter is examining how David Fincher hijacks your eyes. Read more: http :// videos/ how-david-fincher-hijacks-your-eyes /