The world’s most progressive democracy is being born. Don’t let it get strangled

February 14, 2018

( CNN) We are only three weeks into the assault of Afrin in Northern Syria by Turkey and their quislings in the Free Syrian Army, a perilous concentrate for the Syrian civil campaign, and more it no longer facets on our figurehead pages and television news. Syria, including with regard to, with its seven-year long civil crusade, a battleground for almost all the major world and regional strengths with a…


Black Panther is for film what Barack Obama was for the presidency

February 13, 2018

( CNN) For a few hours starting next weekend, pitch-black America will breath, something it has not done since the Republican Party picked as its presidential campaigner a guy who rose to national government renown on open bigotry and 58% of grey voters saw him President. For a few hours, all subtleties of black people, African and African-American, will be able to see themselves become the centre for human rights…


Pelosi and the Democrats sold out the Dreamers

February 12, 2018

( CNN) This week, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi spoke in Congress for 8 hours straight about immigrant youth. She shared our legends and called for passageway of the Dream Act. Our lives — and the moral compass of this country — are in real danger and hitherto Congress is playing games with both. Navarro: Sick of Trump demonizing immigrants


Sarah Sanders and the sexism of women

February 4, 2018

( CNN) Thank White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders for the most recent remember that even maids entrusted with high castes of arbiter can promote sexist meanings about women. “That room … was grossly partitioned, I’ve ever seen Nancy Pelosi’s face like that, ” said host Chris Cuomo, commenting on Pelosi’s stony expression as she listened to the pronunciation. “How can he consolidate that office? ”


Bob Mueller didn’t send me to Butte

January 30, 2018

( CNN) Seldom does a placid, unassuming, and attention-eschewing occupation public servant like Robert Mueller, the present special counsel in the Russian election meddling investigation, dominate our attending enough to register on the Richter scale of relevant. The ongoing heated the discussions on whether the investigation into probable collusive relationships between the Trump team and the Kremlin is akin to Watergate or the Salem witch contests present conflicting “certainties” and…


Trump takes immigration cues from ‘Pres. Stephen Miller’

January 25, 2018

( CNN) The authority shutdown is over for now. Senate Democrats have agreed to fund the government. Senate Republican have said they would hold Democrats a vote to allow Dreamers — young people brought to this country as children — to stay. What remains to be seen is how the President will handle in-migration going forward — and by “President, ” I intend Stephen Miller. Tapper cuts off interview with…


Trump’s America is caving, as autocrats rise

January 23, 2018

( CNN) A years ago, we knew what kind of a candidate Donald Trump was, but we harboured out hope that his campaign-trail outrages amounted to electoral theater, to calculated tricks. We didn’t know with certainty what kind of a chairman he would become.


What Trump doesn’t get about Martin Luther King Jr.

January 16, 2018

( CNN) The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have been able to celebrated his 89 th birthday on Monday. This year, the federal festivity in his reputation, which takes home every third Monday of January, falls on his actual birthday, January 15. MLK nephew: Trump is racially ignorant Immigration in the shade of Martin Luther King


The immigrants who prove Trump wrong

January 15, 2018

( CNN) For Abdikadir Negeye, who is with Maine Immigrant and Refugee Business, a Somali-founded community organization in Lewiston, it was appalling to hear reports that that the president of his adopted country had described countries around the Africa as “shitholes.”