These Animated Color Graphs of Famous Paintings are Hypnotizing

January 13, 2018

Data is Beautiful is a fascinating subreddit described as: A plaza for visual representations of data: Graphs, shows, planneds, etc . A recent submission by reddit consumer anvaka included not just a brilliant visual but an elegantly written javascript code which he has made available on GitHub. To create color analysis graphs like these, anvaka wrote a script to do the following: Took color of each pixel in the likenes,…


Renaissance Portraits Made From Single Thread on Circular Loom

November 29, 2017

Using a single yarn approximately 1-2 km long( 0.6- 1.2 mi ), Petros Vrellis endlessly wraps the weave in straight-from-the-shoulder, perpetual threads, from one peg to its direct opposite peg in a circular, 28 ” loom with 200 evenly spaced anchor pegs on its circumference. Thus each artwork is made from 3,000- 4,000 continuously meeting straight lines of a single thread. Interestingly, knitting is done by hand, with step-by-step instructions…