This Marble Run Perfectly Synced to Tchaikovskys Waltz of the Flowers is Good Internet

January 13, 2018

The madman that perfectly synced a line equestrian direction to Edvard Griega s Mountain King is back with something new and evenly entertaining–a magnetized marble flee perfectly synced to Tchaikovsky’s “Waltz of the Flowers”. I can’t picture how long this took to designing and how many tries it took to nail the timing. Bravo Doodle Chaos, bravo. Read more: http :// videos/ marble-run-synced-to-tchaikovsky-waltz-of-the-flowers /


Guy Animates Classic Movie Lines Into Entirely Different Scenarios

November 9, 2017

Artist and illustrator Nick Murray Willis reimagines classic movie excerpts into entirely new situations. Audio times are from 😛 TAGEND Lord of The Rings, Batman Begins, Scarface, Forest Gump, Taken, Predator, Jaws, Pulp Fiction, Se7en, Gladiator, Home Alone,( from Angels with Filthy Souls ), The Shining, Jerry Maguire, Aliens, The Terminator, Apollo 13, Midnight Cowboy, A Few Good Men, Star Wars, Frankenstein, Jurassic Park, Karate Kid Read more: http ://…


Elvis Presleys Cant Help Falling In Love on a Kalimba is Chill

October 20, 2017

The Kalimba or mbira is an African musical instrument consisting of a wooden council with fastened metal tines, played by hampering international instruments in the hands and drawing records with your thumbs. In this rendition by AcousticTrench, we examine a chilled out edition of Elvis Presley’s classic touch. Read more: http :// videos/ cant-help-falling-in-love-on-kalimba /


A-ha Did an Unplugged Version of Take On Me and It Sounds Like a Completely Different Song

October 16, 2017

At a recent MTV Unplugged accomplishment at Giske Harbour Hall in Norway, rock-and-roll clique a-ha acted an acoustic portrayal of their collision anthem,’ Take on me’. The clip was taken away from the forthcoming album/ DVD, a-Ha: MTV Unplugged Summer Solstice which features 17 reaches, 2 cover versions and 2 brand new chorus. The accomplishment was preserved live on June 22 and 23, 2017. Read more: http :// videos/…


Artist Replaces Billboards with Photos of the Landscapes Theyre Blocking

August 20, 2017

Art Installation by Jennifer Bolande for Desert X Photograph by Lance Gerber Studio Visible Distance / Second Sight is an art installation by Jennifer Bolande for DesertX. The temporary artwork can be found along the Gene Autry Trail near Vista Chino (33°50’41.70â€N 116°30’21.02â€W), where a series of consecutive billboards have been replaced by perfectly aligned photos of the landscapes they are blocking. From the DesertX project page:   Each photograph…