Street Artist Tom Bob Adds Color to Mundane Objects Around Town

January 20, 2018

New York-based street craftsman Tom Bob( boasted previously) computes life to the everyday through hue and ingenuity. Last time we checked on Tom Bob was last July and since then he has decorated scrap buckets, storm pipings, hydrants and even cracked sidewalks. For the latest, follow him on Instagram. @TomBobNYC on Instagram Artwork by Tom Bob Artwork by Tom Bob Artwork by Tom Bob Artwork by Tom Bob Artwork by…


Someone In Berlin Came Up With A Creative Way To Fight Swastikas That Started Appearing On The Streets

January 13, 2018

Ibo Omari is one of those people. Through his NGO Die kulturellen Erben ( The Cultural Heritage) he started Paintback, awareness-raising campaigns to rotation abhorrent badges and slogans on the streets into something merriment and artistic. Scroll down below to ensure some of the a few examples of Paintback at work, be inspired, and don’t forget to vote for your beloved! Read more: http :// swastika-transformation-street-art-paintback-berlin /~ ATAGEND


Mural Goes Up and Down with Tide, Will Eventually Fade to Nothing

December 5, 2017

To find the highest tides on Earth you need to travel to the Bay of Fundy off the east coast of Canada. At some times of its first year discrepancies between high and low tide in the Bay is 16.3 rhythms( 53.4 ft )! Artist Sean Yoro aka Hula ( boasted previously) was recently commissioned by the Saint John, New Brunswick tourism board to depict one of his favourite paddleboard…


You Gotta See the Before Pic to Really Appreciate This Mural

November 8, 2017

Artwork by CitA( c) CrA( c) ation At 40 Boulevard des Canuts in Lyon, France you will find this incredible trompe-l’A il mural by the French master collective, CitA( c) CrA( c) ation. First completed in 1987, the monumental work has been updated several times since. However, to rightfully appreciate the impact and inconsistency the mural has attained it was necessary to learn what the wall was like before the…


Cities Around the Globe are Testing 3D Crosswalks to Slow Down Drivers

October 28, 2017

Photograph by Gusti Productions A safjAPrAdegur, a small fishing city in Iceland, has become the latest city to measure out an eye-catching, 3D crosswalk to see if it will help slow down advance motorists. According to Colossal, the case was appointed last month as part of a the cooperation between street covering firm Vegi GA H and the citya s environmental commissioner Ralf Trylla. Below you will find added photos…


Artist Transforms Walls Into Giant 3D Specimen Boxes for Butterflies

October 25, 2017

Mantra is an craftsman currently based in Metz, France. In an ongoing sequence of murals, Mantra has been departing huge on the sides of constructs, procreating 3D specimen boxes for butterflies. The artworks have been popping up around Europe in cities in Spain, Austria and France in the last year alone. To find more artworks by Mantra check him out at the links below! [ via Colossal] MANTRA Facebook |…


This Artist Uses Yarn to Create Amazing 3D Letters on Chain Link Fences

October 7, 2017

Minnesota-based installation artist Eric Rieger aka HOT TEA, exercises yarn in various categories of innovative and colored paths. In an ongoing line of street artworks, Rieger squanders yarn on chain connect fencings to create amazing 3D notes of his moniker. As of the reasons why he announces himself HOT TEA , Rieger asks: “The phrase “HOT TEA” was chosen to highlight the relationship between the two texts. We so often…


This Wile E. Coyote Street Art is the Best Thing Youll See Today

July 10, 2017

Street artist E.LEE recently completed this awesome artwork in his hometown of Chicago at the Soho House in West Loop. In an interview with Lee includes: “It was a challenge creating a story-line expending two recess with so much distance between them. But I was really happy to do this Wile E Coyote case. The accomplished collapse is my favorite reference of all time. I desire him for knowing…