Kansas’s ravaged economy a cautionary tale as Trump plans huge tax cuts for rich

December 12, 2017

Kansas lashed taxes at the top to try to spur swelling but the scheme maimed the states commerces and supported destructive for its Republican governor Is Kansas. At the end of a alteration, the sweat-soaked vests, tattered the working day in a equipment without air conditioning, are guided to the next being by guards, many of whom are coming off 12 – or 16 -hour shifts. Jail cells designed to…


Trumps Lawyer Issues Press Release In Comic Sans, Learns The Hard Way That No One Should Use That Font

December 7, 2017

The unfortunate textbook was shared on Twitter via Bloomberg reporter Sahil Kapur, and all hell broke loose from there. When you use everyone’s least-favorite typeface to write about everyone’s least-favorite President, you’re just asking for hardship, and we’re pretty sure Cobb will be coming bother over this one for the rest of his daytimes. The POTUS, however, is possibly at the least a little bit glad that parties now have…


Michael Flynn pleads guilty to lying to FBI as Trump-Russia inquiry takes critical step

December 4, 2017

Flynn plea part of big treat to collaborate with special attorney Robert Mueller, as former national consultant recognises wrongdoing for first time In a startling breakthrough for lawyers analyse possible conspiracy between Russia and the Donald Trump presidential campaign, onetime national defence adviser Michael Flynn announced on Friday that he was cooperating with attorneys and ready to testify about Russian contacts. After months of silence and invisibility, Flynn sauntered into…


Yet more proof: Donald Trump is a fascist sympathiser | Richard Wolffe

December 1, 2017

Trumps decision to promote anti-Muslim videos by Britain First, an extreme far-right group, confirms what was abundantly clear after Chartlottesville It was true after the racist mob in Charlottesville three months ago. And it’s still true-blue today: Donald J Trump quite literally feels with fascists. He shares their worldview as easily as he shares their language and videos. He makes their articulate and qualities the biggest scaffold in politics. He…


Hyderabad prepares for Ivanka Trump tour with rainbows and lookalikes

November 28, 2017

Donald Trump daughters arrival in south Indian municipality activates curve of Ivanka times on bulletin and simulated mannequins If she happens to glimpse from the window of her motorcade as it courses through Hyderabad, Narendra Modi; and as the rafter face of a mannequin outside Mohammed Cap Mart, a bustling accumulate near the medieval-era Charminar mosque. Hundreds of Hyderabadis have flocked to the supermarket for selfies alongside the Ivanka mannequin…


Trump lawyers believe Flynn poised to cooperate in Russia inquiry reports

November 26, 2017

Former national defence advisers solicitors have reportedly halted talks with Trumps team, pointing to possible enter into negotiations with special counseling Robert Mueller Lawyers for Donald Trump conceive the former national security adviser Michael Flynn “re on the brink” of “flipping” and working in cooperation with reviewers into the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia, according to reports. Flynn’s legal team has cut off communications with the president’s solicitors, the…


Trump nominates ex-drug company executive as new health secretary

November 17, 2017

US president selects Alex Azar, who worked for a decade in the pharmaceutical companies, eliciting outcry over big pharma in US Congress In search of a state secretary after his last one renounced in a scandal over private aircrafts, Donald Trump has turned to the same industry he has frequently criticized for gashing Americans- pharmaceutical giants. The US president announced in a tweet on Monday that he would select onetime…


Firefights and blowback: Trumps week of military misadventures

October 23, 2017

The deaths of four US soldiers killed in Niger were at the centre of a government gust the coming week. The sequence, precipitated including the president mentions, depicted in bereaved kinfolks, Gen John Kelly, and armed veterans It was a snappy autumnal epoch in Washington: perfect for an impromptu news conference in the White House rose garden-variety. Reporters hurriedly gathered to see Donald Trump and the Senate majority leader, Mitch…


Making a military widow cry: that is a classic Trump move | Richard Wolffe

October 20, 2017

Instead of standing on a pedestal, he clambers down into the gutter of Twitter where he was able to indulge in the pettiest chassis of politics Just when you thought there was nothing left to destroy- no more patterns or taboos to break- Donald Trump attested you bad. After nine long months of bumping along the bottom, our preening chairperson has taken the presidency to a brand-new all-time low. This…


Sean Spicer at the Emmys: applause won’t make his guilt go away | Jessica Valenti

September 20, 2017

As Trumps former White House spokesman, Spicer bolstered the reputation and plan of a ogre. How can we now applauds him on place? Just 58 daylights. That’s all the time it took for Sean Spicer to return to public life, going on to a nationally watched place, being literally praised. Apparently it doesn’t take much to wash off the smell of the Trump administration- just an Emmy invite and a…